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21-year-old Drunk Man R*pes 100-year-old Woman to Death

21-year-old Drunk Man R*pes 100-year-old Woman to Death | Weird news in Nigeria.
A 100-year-old woman has died after being defiled by a drunk man in northern India, police said on Tuesday.

The crime took place in a village in Uttar Pradesh state’s Meerut district late Sunday night.

“The elderly woman was sleeping on the verandah of her house when she was attacked by the inebriated man.

“She was taken hospital where she passed away on Monday,” police officer Rajesh Kumar said by phone.

Police added that a suspect in his twenties has been arrested and charged with r*pe and murder.

“The man said he was innocent,’’ media reports said. India has been in the spotlight in recent years over incidents of s*xual violence against women.

In 2012, the fatal gang-r*pe of a student on a bus in New Delhi led to a massive public outcry and tougher laws.


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  1. what the heck is wrong the the 21 year old dude.


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