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65-year-old Woman Has Been Attending Strangers’ Funerals for 14 Years, to Eat Free Food

65-year-old Woman Has Been Attending Strangers’ Funerals for 14 Years, to Eat Free Food | Weird news blog in Nigeria • Johnkingsblog
65-year-old Theresa Doyle, from Slough, in the UK, who has been attending every wake at her church for over 14 years now.

Theresa Doyle’s weird funeral crashing habit recently made news headlines in the UK, with several of her neighbors and family members of deceased people whose wakes and funeral services she has attended over the years, claiming that she intrudes on people in their time of grief just so she can fill her stomach.

She just shows up, pretends to have known the deceased and sometimes even chats with their friends and family, before grazing the buffet “like there’s no tomorrow”.

Sometimes, she allegedly even takes some of the food to go.

Theresa has been doing this for about 14 years now but the bizarre thing is she gatecrashes strangers’ funerals and is completely brash about it.”

Margaret Whitehead, who recently had to bury her daughter, who died from Addison’s disease, told reporters that Theresa Doyle just showed up at the funeral and started chatting it up with people.

Her daughter had a lot of friends and coworkers, so she just assumed she was a colleague, but when she talked to her herself, Doyle told her that she used to work with her daughter when they were both waitresses.

Father Noel Connolly, of the Holy Redeemer Church, Theresa’s favorite funeral crashing venue, says she knows all about her habit, but he has a  slightly different explanation for it.

“Every funeral we have she comes and if there is a reception afterwards she makes her way to it without invitation,” he told Metro . “She is a Catholic woman and she is convinced she needs to go to as many Masses as possible.

She has been coming and going since I have been here for the past 14 years. I can’t exactly say ‘you can’t come here’.”

A funeral service is supposed to be safe place where friends and family can openly grieve a loved one – not a place where strangers can grab a free lunch.

When questioned about her 14-year funeral crashing, 65-year-old Theresa Doyle told reporters “That’s my business” before adding “I have to go. I’ve somewhere to be.”

“When one man died here, she went to the funeral. She went around the corner of the crematorium and put her black dress on. When she realised there was no food afterwards she pulled her black thing off and went back up the road on her bike looking disgusted,” one of her neighbors said.

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