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Animal Brothel in Serbia Where Zoophiles Go To Have S•x With Dogs,Goats, Cows and Pigs [Video]

A dog wearing a fish net
A sick report has revealed the growing business of animal brothels in Serbia with people travel all the way from Germany, Holland, Sweden and Great Britain into the country to have sex with animals which include, cows, goats, dogs, pigs, and donkeys.

Serbia capital, Belgrade is said to be a hotspot for ‘zoophiles’ who enjoy sex with animals.

The eastern European city can be reached via a direct flight from London, but an animal rights group claims most groups come via organized ‘bus tours’.

An investigation into the horrifying trend was broadcast by TV channel RTL revealing that there are online adverts which offer animal sex from between 70 and 150 Euros (£60 to £135) with visitors paying an extra 50 Euros (£45) to film themselves.

The report showed an image of a dog apparently wearing fish-net suspenders and high heels.

Pavle Bihal, who runs an anti-animal cruelty group called Leviathan, wants the animal brothels closed down.

“We have information about a club, which is actually an apartment, where all this happens. We are currently waiting for the location to be confirmed so we can report all to the police.” Bihal said Farmers who run the ‘brothels’ don’t see anything wrong with the setup, according to Leviathan.

A lifelike sex doll dubbed Passion Dolly was recently introduced in Ireland. Owned by an Irish brothel, the robot has been described as “Ireland’s most realistic sex doll” and a good investment for the Dublin business.

The Passion Dolly which arrived at the Dublin brothel around June but dozens of baying punters have already had their way with her.

Customers pay as much as £80-an-hour for some alone time with the sex cyborg.

The blonde android has massive boobs, an hourglass figure and lifelike facial features fixed into a sexy pout.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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