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Young Man Proposes to Girlfriend in Front of Pope Francis

Dario Ramirez took this proposal thing to a whole new level.

The 32-year-old stunned his girlfriend by getting on his knees in front of the pontiff upon their visit to the Vatican City.

Dario, a Venezuelan exile and human rights activist met Pope Francis during a reception for legislators of the catholic church.

“When we were introduced to the Holy Father, I explained the situation in Venezuela and the situation facing political prisoners,” Ramirez said in an interview with the National Catholic Register.

"I then said to the Pope: 'There’s a third thing I want to ask you.' I explained to the Holy Father that the woman next to me is the woman of my life. I met her in church, God put her in my life, and I want to propose to her. So I got down on one knee and asked."

His girlfriend, Maryangel Espinal was speechless, prompting the Pope to ask, "He asked you to marry him, what do you say?”

Espinal finally said, "Yes, of course." admit tears and surprise.

They then received a blessing from the Pope.

It was a cardinal that gave Ramirez a go-ahead to say those magic words in front of the pope ahead of the proposal.

Pope Francis told the press that he thought Ramirez was going to ask for a selfie and not a girls hand in marriage. Espinal was as surprised as that too.

Following the proposal, the couple, both devout Catholics who met 18 months ago in a church in Panama, headed to Paris to celebrate.


  1. even tho, she wanna say no, she gonna say yes, who knows why?


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