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Why Facebook Notifies You of False Multiple Messages Instead of Just One Message

Why Facebook Notifies You of False Multiple Messages Instead of Just One Message
So recently, Mark Zuckerberg's social media platform made me feel like a gallant boss after I saw a four unread messages notification instead of just one message from a girl I was toasting.

I was actually thinking about what she had sent and what my own message would be when I clicked on the notification and saw a 'hmmm' reply. Immediately I googled Mark Zuckerberg's phone number, he can't be doing this to me! Lol.

Some may not consider it weird but it is, really. Facebook has had some technical problems in the past an example being receiving a message notification on your facebook messenger but no messages at all. Bravo, to the facebook technical team as they always quick to address the issues whenever one arises.

Sometimes the facebook message notification won't just go away. I have three facebook pages and always receive multiple page notifications but after repeatedly checking in the insights and notification panel of those pages, there is always this invisible eight unread notification yellow in colour above my facebook menu bar, you can agree with me that that's annoying.

It's will be wise to address the issue of why facebook notifies you of four or five messages false instead of just one message that you received as a technical issue.

But you too can stop this yourself as it is the least of the Facebook technical issues you can tackle with their technical support. In order to stop receiving multiple messages notifications, you'll have to follow this two simple steps.

  • Firstly, Log out of the messenger or facebook website that you use in chatting.

  • Secondly, re-enter your correct facebook login details and keep on surfing without false facebook notifications.

NB: If you can't remember your facebook login details, DON'T try this because you will end up blaming Mark Zuckerberg or Buhari (for Nigerians) for the situation you have put yourself in.

Well, all hope is not lost if you've forgotten your login details, you can contact the facebook technical support team to resolve this problem of multiple false messages by clicking on < this link > with the browser that you are logged in or call their toll-free number; 866-324-3097.

Let me know if this worked by commenting below, please also share this post with your friends on Facebook as they too will be searching for a solution.

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