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Nurse Combines Her Profession and Her Passion for Art by Painting with Syringes

Nurse Magbanua Kimberly Joy had a passion and talent for painting and drawing but never received any training for that.

She used to work as a nurse and now combines her nursing profession and passion for the arts in a completely new art form – syringe painting.

24-year-old Kimberly from Valladolid, Philippines, says that she got the idea to use syringes instead of paintbrushes about a year ago, as she was getting ready to give a patient an injection.

It usually takes her between 3 and 5 hours to complete a painting, during which time she replaces the needles several times because they get clogged up with paint.

Kimberly claims that the process of painting with syringes is not as straightforward as some people may think. Apart from controlling her movements while scribbling, she also has to apply just the right pressure on the syringe plunger to release the right amount of paint, or risk having the needle pop off, ruining the whole painting.

Kimberly’s stunning paintings and the unusual medium she uses to create them have attracted a lot of attention on social media.


  1. Passion plus profession. This one, can it work in Nigeria?

  2. wow that was really amazing


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