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Mugshot of Thief with 2-Colored-Eyeballs Goes Viral; Gets Him Booked For Modelling

20-year-old Mekhi Alante Lucky, with a rare genetic condition heterochromia which made him have one blue eyeball and one brown is now set to walk in Fashion Week in New York this month.

In April 2016, Lucky was arrested by the police for resisting arrest and possessing a stolen vehicle including interfering with emergency communications.

5-foot-10 Lucky currently hasn’t yet been convicted of any felonies, however, reports said.

“I saw his mugshot last year. His look is extraordinary. I immediately found him interesting. I just didn’t know who he was,” Demanti O'Bryant, the founder St. Claire Modeling, told “Eventually I found him on Instagram and reached out.”

O'Bryant decided to fly Lucky out for a test shoot in July, which he said went great.

“It went extremely well even though it was his first time in front of a professional camera,” O'Bryant said.

O'Bryant said he isn’t worried about Lucky’s past. “He has a clean slate with me. I haven’t had any problems with him,” he said.

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