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12 Monkeys Die From Heart Attack After Being Scared by a Tiger [Video]

Dead Monkeys
Twelve monkeys in an Indian forest have kicked the bucket after being scared by a tiger in what seems to be a once-in-a-century incident.

Dailymail reported that the incident happened in a forest in India that post-mortem reports from veterinary experts claiming they were scared by a tiger thus suffering simultaneous heart attacks.

Postmortems also revealed they all had heart attacks at the same time after locals saw the dead monkey in a forest clearing.

Sanjeev Kumar a veterinary doctor in the area said: ‘It was confirmed in the post-mortem report that the monkeys died due to cardiac arrest. ‘The monkeys could have died due to tiger’s roar as tigers often traverse that area.’

A veterinarian, Dr. Brijendra Singh, told the Times of India: ‘Monkeys are a wild animal and they don’t die in this manner. All the monkeys might have been suffering from some infection that claimed their lives.’

Though the claim of tiger roar causing a heart attack in the monkeys has been criticised by wildlife experts, villagers reported tigers are often in the area and were heard roaring at the time of the deaths. Those who did not believe suggested an infection could be the real cause of their death.

Video: 12 Monkeys Die From Heart Attack After Being Scared by a Tiger

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