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Mom of 8-day-old Baby Stabs It in The Eye, Says God Told Her To

Tanishia Fielder
A woman, Tanishia Fielder, from Pennsylvania has found herself in the police net for allegedly stabbing her own 8-day-old baby in the eye claiming it is the will of God, the police said.

Tanishia told police "God told her to" stab the baby and also instructed her to kill, dismember and dispose of him because he was "by the devil," according to a criminal complaint obtained by WTAE.

Tanishia Fielder aged, 33, on Friday when trying to hide a knife under a dumpster near her home following the incident was arrested.

The baby has been taken to the hospital with the stab wounds in his right eye, reports said.

Aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child are the charges laid against Tanishia Fielder.


  1. Some ladies don't knw dt having a baby is Just grace. Poor child, wicked mom


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