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Man Who Survived for 22 days on Cow’s Urine, Abandons Family to Live with The Cows

An Indian father of two has stripped himself of his human family bond to live and dedicate the rest of his life to cows who he claimed saved his life sometime in the past.

44-year-old Vijay Parsana do not only eat, bathe watch television and share his bed with the cattle but also drinks their urine and eat their dung.

Parsana claims it is for his good health adding that he once survived solely on cows urine for 22 days.

The father of two left his family five years back and started living in a religious retreat, about four miles away from his  home in Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, India, to spend time with his cows.
Earlier this year he spent £20,000 on a wedding for two of his herd, and unbelievably his family appear to be fully behind his new life.

When Vijay first moved to Ahmedabad he fell into gambling but when he started spending time with his cows he changed.
Vijay also owns two bulls, six dogs and more than 2,000 other animals including peacocks, rabbits, birds and snakes but he says that his three cows – Radha, Poonam and Saraswati – hold a special place in his heart.

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