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55-year-old Man had His Fingers Surgically Replaced With His Toes After a Horrific Accident

a white man with his toe in his thumb
17 years ago, 55-year-old Jeremy Payton thought he'll be living the rest of his life without all his fingers after losing them to a power blending machine in the factory while working in the industry.

“When the accident happened, I didn't realize how serious it was," Payton told SWNS. "I went to find a first aider at work and said to him 'I think my I've taken some skin off my hand,’” Payton said. "When I looked down at my hand, I realized my fingers were gone."

Jeremy's colleague picked and wrapped three of his fingers with ice in a towel. Necrosis after two weeks caused the fixed fingers recovered after the incident to be removed again after.

Payton's toe was the nearest alternative for replacing his thumb as suggested by the doctors.

The second and third toes from his right foot would also be used to give him some dexterity in the damaged hand.

Payton agreed to the surgery and in a series of operations with time, the mangled stump of his right hand was transformed into a patchwork of new digits.

Now that the dad of three's hand is healed, he’s able to take part in the activities he enjoyed before the accident, including gardening, DIY and golf.

He drives a manual car and is always looking for ways to adapt tools to help him.

"Without the operation, I'd be struggling physically and mentally,” he said.

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  1. thats really cool that he can write withe those hands, its ability, not everyone can.


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