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Meet Jim Arrington, an 84-year-old Great-grandfather and World's Oldest Male Bodybuilder

Jim Arrington is a Californian great-grandfather that made the Guinness world record of the oldest male bodybuilder.

Born in 1932, Jim at the age of 84 still competes and trains himself.

"All my life, I have wanted to excel at something. To be World Class (top 100).

In bodybuilding, my true love, becoming the best over 80 and earning my Pro Card, was that goal reached," Arrington said.

"Gaining a Guinness World Records title must therefore, be 100 times better! My friends and family are all delighted. Everyone wants to be photographed with the certificate!"

He has in his career which he has not planned to quit anytime soon won 16 out of 62 competitions.

Jim set this same record in 2015, but his plans by participating at a competition in Pittsburgh is to break the record.


  1. He's obsessed with that gyming of a thing

  2. The ma must be really strong with nice body.

  3. that is some nice body he got there.


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