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It Single-handedly Took Shyam 27 Years to Dig a Pond For His Entire Village

From the foundation of Saja Pahad, a village in Chhattisgarh, India, water scarcity has been a major problem.

The villagers can only account for two wells from which they fetched water for irrigation and feeding their cattle.

Then aged 15, Shyam Lal went into the forest, pick a large amount of land and started digging a pond that the entire villagers could benefit from.

The Saja Pahad people turned down his request for help calling him a lunatic but their reaction didn't make him give in, he grabbed a spade and started working, digging the pond for the next 27 years.

Shyam Lal is now 42 and is considered a savior hero of the community. His pond is now over 14-feet-deep with water serving the entire village.

The story of Shyam Lal’s determination recently went viral in the whole of India, and prompted authorities in Mahendragarh district to finally acknowledge his achievement.

Shyam Lal’s monumental achievement has been compared to the legendary struggle of Dashrath Manjhi, who spent over 22 years carving a 110-meter path through a mountain, using only hammers and chisels, to reduce the distance between his village and the nearest town from 55 km to 15 km.

Last year, we featured the equally impressive feat of Bapurao Tajne, who spend 40 days single-handedly digging a well, after his wife was denied access to drinking water by the locals for being of a lower caste.

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