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Father of Four Drowns in the Same River His 2 Sons Drowned in 4 Years Earlier

Jesse Bullock Snr.
A man from Illinois has died in the same river that claimed the lives of his two sons four years earlier.

Jesse Bullock Sr., 37, died when his truck ran off its track entered into the Edwards River. Ill., reports said.

His sons Jesse Bullock and Nic Bullock aged 12 and 9 respectively, drowned four years earlier while swimming in the same river.

It was reported that year (2013) that his sons fell into a deep 15-foot drop-off while wading in river.

"It was an accident," he told WQAD . "We knew the risk of letting them go down there. We're country boys. A hot summer day, you go fishing, relax."

Bullock before his death was a volunteer firefighter and a veteran of the Navy.

He is survived by his wife Emily and children Savannah and Thomas.

The cause of the crash that led to his death is still under thorough investigation.


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