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“My father checks if I'm still a virgin annually”, 'advice me please'

One Olumofin Joro helped to share the story of a 21-year-old girl whose father the girl in question said is 'selfish'.

According to her, the virginity check is done annually and on her birthdays too. I guess her dad considers it a gift.

Read her story below:

Am a girl of 21 years, am a student, a level 300. My father test my virginity every year at the hospital to see if am a virgin, he said if am a virgin my bride price will be high and my husband will love me more.

Before I used to believe him and be happy until I realize it’s his selfish need. I love this guy he’s my BF and soulmate. 

We had sex 2 weeks ago, we have been doing it almost everyday now. My fear is my birthday is in November and my father do the test every Birthday.

How can get I out this situation? Am an only daughter with 3 brothers. My mothers opinion doesn’t matter. My mother is not well educated. 

I want to live my life and make my own mistakes am not a goods for sale. Advise me please. Don’t judge me.


  1. End time father. I blame this country and Buhari. You cannot try such in America. Imagine, d Babe don reach 21 oo

  2. End time dad indeed. Story dey o

  3. well tell your dad what you really what, maybe he will understand


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