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Ever Heard of a Food Fight Festival?, 'this one is the world's biggest' [Photos]

The quaint town in Spain since 1945 has been celebrating the tomato fight festival.

Thousands of people gather ever last Wednesday of August to participate in the celebration which also involves hurling of tomatoes at each other.

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La Tomatina is the world's most anticipated food festival which is kicked off immediately two political protesters begin throwing tomatoes at people.

The mayor led procession halts the crowd at the Hermitage of San Felices de Bilibio after which revelers makes the celebration all fun by drenching everyone in wine as part of the festival.

A similar festival takes place on December 28th annually where people in their military costumes engage in a ferocious food fight with bombs made with flour, fireworks and eggs.

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  1. food fight festival, i prefer the one that looks like tomatoes or the purple one, the egg man this people are gonna smell so bad after that.


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