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An Awkward Moment When Gay Couple-To-Be Discover They Are Brothers

The pair, named Paul and Lee, appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show to have a DNA test after Lee’s family and friends noticed an uncanny resemblance between Paul and his mum’s former husband, Ron.

The couple, who met online after two years of sending flirty messages back and forth, decided to get the DNA test hoping it would prove to everyone that they weren’t related.

However they were left visibly distressed when Kyle tells them the shocking news.

“The test results show that you two… you’re half brothers,” he said. The pair sat in silence for about 20 seconds, clearly unable to comprehend the revelation.

They had never met before they started chatting online as Paul was taken into care when he was 19 months old, while Lee was later conceived by the same mother.

Before the results Lee said that the thought Paul could be his brother made him “sick”.

“It makes me basically horrible,” he said.

The men’s mum Ena, has taken the news somewhat better, saying she is happy to be reunited with the son that she gave up.

“When I saw Paul for the first time I instantly thought he looked like my ex-husband Ron,” she said. “I would love to get to know him.”

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