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111-Year-Old Grace Jones Attributes Her Longevity to Whiskey, She Has a Time Table

111-year-old Grace Jones due to the fact that she's a century and 11 years old has been dubbed 'Amazing Grace' by her friends. Grace health status can simply put as exceptional.

Quaffing a healthy slug of Scotch whisky every night before bed is what Grace said is the secret to her longevity.

“She’s been doing it for 58 years,” says her 79-year-old daughter, Deidre McCarthy. "She swears by it."

Grace Jones celebrated her birthday this weekend with back-to-back parties.

“She had a wonderful party on Saturday, followed by a lovely party on Sunday,” her daughter said in a phone interview from her home in Britain.

McCarthy called her mother Monday to see how she was doing, expecting to hear the birthday girl was a little tired.

When I said, 'How are you, mother?’ she said, 'Full of beans.'

Her mom has always been a positive thinker, a go-getter and a devotee of fashion, McCarthy said, adding, “She’s always looked after herself and everyone else.”

Despite losing her husband 31 years ago, Jones bucked up and refused to lose her lust for life.

McCarthy is her only child. She lives on her own, reads every day and watches television, her daughter says.

“She always looks nice no matter when you go over,” said McCarthy. “She loves beautiful things.”

Jones had her own millinery business, making hats and other articles before she married, her daughter said. Her affinity for fashion has never wavered, which may account for her multiple, full closets.

In interviews, Jones always credits her long life to her daily consumption of whisky, something that tickles her daughter.

McCarthy thinks her mother’s outlook on life is what carries her through. “She doesn’t worry. She’s always said, ‘Worry doesn’t do you any good at all.’

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