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Wife Includes Late Husband Spirit in Stunning Maternity Photoshoot [Photos]

 Amanda Snyder’s late husband may have not been physically present during her maternity photo shoot, but he was definitely there in spirit.

Amanda Snyder from Pennsylvania was more than 8 months pregnant with her son, Jameson, during the photo shoot, and to commemorate her husband, 37-year-old Jesse Snyder, she had him added to the pictures.

Snyder's words to
“When I saw the pictures, I was at a loss for words,”
“I was holding Jameson and looking at this pictures and I was just balling. They were tears of joy and happiness because he wasn’t there, with but he was.” 
“Me and my husband were supposed to get maternity pictures done and I had bought the blue dress and a shirt for the photo shoot,” Snyder said. “He passed before we were able to get them done. He was buried in the shirt.”
“If I didn’t have son right now... I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s a gift to me,” Snyder said. “Jesse was going to be a great. He was my soulmate. He is Jameson’s daddy forever.”

Jesse Snyder was killed in May after a tree he was cutting down fell on top of him. His wife was eight months pregnant.

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