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Waitress is Sacked for Trying to Take Food Home Because She had not Time to Eat it During Her Lunch Break

A waitress at an exclusive London club was fired for trying to take her lunch home because she had not had time to eat it.

Bosses at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in Pall Mall searched Silvia Mecati’s handbag as she left work and found a piece of vegetarian lasagne wrapped in tin foil.

Even though the club had provided the meal for free, the 43-year-old was accused of ‘stealing’ and dismissed.

The institution – a private members’ club for Oxbridge graduates argued that she had not sought permission from the chef or a manager to take her lunch home.

She said employees are given food during certain hours, but she had not had time to eat her lunch on June 27 because she was working two shifts.

The Italian, who has lived in Britain for four years, said:

‘At lunch I had taken a piece of lasagne but I didn’t have time to eat it so I left it on a plate. Near the end of my second shift I wrapped it in tin foil and put it in the fridge as I didn’t want to throw it away. 
But as I was leaving the night manager asked to check my bag. They had never checked my bag in three years. 
‘I told him, “I have my lunch with me because I didn’t have time to eat it and wanted to take it home”. He replied, “Did you have written or verbal permission from the chef or a manger to take your lunch home?” I answered no.’

Miss Mecati was suspended at the end of her shift the following day. She was ordered to empty her locker, hand back her key fob and was escorted out of the building.



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