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Viral Video Of The Lady That Painted Emmanuella, Mary Ogochukwu Drawing Bob Marley

Mary Ogochukwu Drawing of Bob Marley
This is a viral video of the name all 21st century Foxx internet users in Nigeria must have heard, the most talented female painter of the year, Mary Ogochukwu Nwele doing that which most people have doubted she cannot.

In An Interview With The Lady That Painted Emmanuella; Other Celebs -Mary Ogochukwu with johnkingsblog , she revealed that she would post a video of her painting something maybe according to the choice of her fans or something.

But before that, she gave her anxious audience something to ponder on. Something she called a 'Rough Sketch'.

At first, I couldn't see anything on the cardboard sheet, it was just as if she was trying to mark out somethings. Suddenly what seemed to me like Bob Marley's face started appearing.

I was there actually, behind the camera as she drew a 9mins, 22seconds of Bob Marley wearing a Jamaican head warmer.

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Video below:

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  1. awesome chick. First time of seeing a life drawing


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