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Smart Dog Finds Her Way Back Home, 'She was missing for over a year'

A smart lost dog found her way back home and has reunited with her family after he got lost for over a year.

The hearts of a Texas family, Robles were broken when their dog left home and never returned last summer.

"I was really sad,” Jeslyn Robles, a teenager, said of her beloved canine. "Most of me thought she got hit or had died somehow".

They were relived after a call came from Texas animal care saying Lola has been found.

Lola looked well fed and in a good health condition when her family picked her up.

They were very happy (Jaslyn and her younger brother) haven reunited with their lost pet.

"I couldn't believe that she was back,” Joshua said.

"I was just really surprised and I couldn't believe it was her," his sister added.

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