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Samsung Galaxy Falls 1,000 Feet From an Airplane 'It Wasn't Cracked or Anything'

A Samsung Galaxy cell phone did not stop recording as it plummeted 1,000 feet from an airplane after getting sucked out of its owner's hand.

It took a total of 13 seconds for the Samsung Galaxy to hit the ground after it dropped from a plane piloted by Blake Henderson over Bowling Green, Ky.

“I was flying the plane and filming, kind of shooting from the hip and got too close to the window and it was drawn out and it was sucked out of the aircraft,” he told

After landing back on what appeared to be someone's lawn, the phone sat there for 11 minutes before Jeff Michaud stumbled upon it. He thought it belonged to his next-door neighbor.

“I didn't know what to think. I figured someone dropped it,” Michaud's wife, Donna, told Inside Edition. “It was still working, and it wasn't cracked or anything, I never would've dreamed it fell out of an airplane.”

The pilot was able to track down the device using its GPS to pinpoint the location.

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