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Bet9ja's Position In Most Visited Websites in Nigeria, 2017, Ewoo! [Must See]

A list of the most visited websites in Nigeria, 2017 and Bet9ja's position is quite appalling.

No wonder that 'Bet' in the logo is red in color... it's really eating us! Plus I wonder whom to blame for this; Nigeria's current economic disability, our jobless youths or maybe the advancement of technology.

Time spent on Bet9ja per visit is 19:56 minutes is that not 4 seconds away from 20:00 minutes? surpassing,, who are the 1st to 3rd respectively and every other site in the 1st to 50th list, where are we heading?!

Daily page views of a whooping 5.79% beating YouTube with over 12,500 sites linking in.

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