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Man Multiple Dates Backfires!

These Women Got the Ultimate Revenge After a Guy Tried to Date Them All in One Night
A lengthy Twitter tale of a crew of women who became fast friends when a man scheduled dates with them all in one night at the same bar has gone viral.

As Washington, D.C., resident Lisette Plyant tells it, a man who she did not name arranged for at least six of what he dubbed "pre-date interviews" at a bar. It backfired.

According to Plyant, she met the guy at a bar, but after she found that her date was going nowhere and it ended, she still stuck around. Soon enough, she met the twist — the man's second date — and they got to chatting. Together, they came up with a revenge plot worthy of your new favorite girl gang movie.

Plyant verified to Mashable that her tweets detailing the too-bizarre-for-this-world evening were true, chalking it up to bad luck in the romance department
But there was more to this highly amusing saga. The "multi-tasker" had arranged for a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth date. (As he put it, he was simply out to meet his "future wife.") So the mission then became recruit every new woman who showed up to meet him. And as they bonded over the craziness, their tribe grew.

Eventually, the total of six lucky women had a very happy ending: they all became friends.

So I go on what I think might be a date with a guy my friends set me up on on my birthday (yes it's a bit hazy).

- Lisette Pylant (@LisettePylant)

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