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Lady Invites Everyone to Her Own Burial on 31st August Because She Doesn't have Money to Treat Herself

Ebisike Victoria Chinyere a Facebook user from Imo State, Nigeria wrote on her timeline that she doesn't have money to continue treatments.

She further invited anyone concerned to attend her burial on the 31st of August, 2017. Victoria said she stepped on poison and has no money to treat herself and she can only afford rat poison to terminate her life!

Her post:

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN u re cordially invited to my burial ceremoney on de 31st of August 2017 As I DonT Have Money To Continue My Treatment Can Afford 50NairA To Buy Rat Killer To Terminate My Life.

She has since gained massive attention from concerned Facebook users some asking her to send her account number although some think it's a fraud.

Micheal Mike Mickey comment;
For her to write this on her FB wall , she needs help and it's urgent. People that knows her contact should kindly do the needful, taking your life yourself is a sin sister there is always an option. God bless you as you open up.

Udechukwu Blessing Chinaza comment;
Pls inbox me your number

Ikechukwu Blessing comment;
Ebisike, I sent you a message to send me your house address
Am in owerri
Me abdbmy fruebds are willing to come to your location and take you to a good clinic here in owerri
We will foot the bill
Just your address NNE

Africa Gallerytv comment;
Pls send me your acct number ma

Tryphaena Obiechefu comment;
Hello everyone amechi Micheal is right. I have been fraud on facebook through some people claiming they are sick, so due to my kind heart I helped them.but at the end of the day so many people fall victim,please my people before you help her let her upload a video of herself and her leg if she do that I am willing to also help.thanks

Okeke Princess comment;
Suicide is never an option.. There is always a solution.. Send your account number let me help you with the little I can..

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