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Husband Sells Wife On Facebook, 'I never had time to caress or kiss Pullen'

A 56-year-old man has ended up being defrauded after he was scammed by a husband who allegedly sold his wife to him for marriage.

30-year-old man identified as Brian Nkatazo Mathe, reportedly hatched a plan along with his 22-year-old wife, Stephanie Pullen, to steal from men by opening a Facebook account where the latter would lure potential husbands.

According to a report by H-Metro, a 56-year-old man identified as Nyakanyaka Msipani, fell into the trap and met Pullen who introduced Nkatazo as her brother capable of receiving her bride price.

Msipani is yet to stay with the woman he paid bride price for and any attempt to have quality time with Pullen would hit a snag of Nkatazo who was introduced as brother.

Msipani said; “I phoned Pullen after admiring her on Facebook and we met and agreed to marry each other giving me a condition that I was supposed to meet her brother for lobola issues.

“I never had time to caress or kiss Pullen as she kept on visiting me in the presence of Nkatazo demanding money that at one time I gave him my bank card and pin to withdraw money to use at a funeral.

“He disappeared with the money and bank card for some time and I phoned Nkatazo’s sister and she is the one who disclosed to me that the two were husband and wife.

“I lost more than $5 000 in total apart from the $4 000 he demanded as lobola and I paid through bank transfers. I feel sorry for them. If I am the first victim it is better to spare them from jail because I will lose the wife and money at the same time,” said Msipani who wants Pullen as per the bride price agreement.

While speaking to a correspondent, Nkatazo, who is gainfully employed said that economic conditions forced them to hatch the plan for financial gain. Pullen refused to entertain a reporter saying the three are in agreement.

“We are all agreeing and I do not see the need for you here. Ibvai pano,” said Pullen.

Pullen and Nkatazo who were detained at Harare Central police station and are expected to appear in court.


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