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See The Helicopter Police Officer That Spy On People Sexn' Sunbathing Naked

A police officer spied on people sunbathing in their gardens and having sex outside from a helicopter flying overhead.

According to MetroUk, Adrian Pogmore used an advanced MX15 camera that can zoom in on a car’s registration plate from more than two miles away.

The 51-year-old admitted four counts of such act in a public office, whereas three of his colleagues denied the offence and are on trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

Pogmore used the lens to zoom in on the naked mum-of-three and her teenage daughters sunbathing in the garden.

The judge said: ‘This was a complete and utter violation of her privacy.
‘She did not know Adrian Pogmore and had every right to expect privacy in her garden, surrounded by tall trees.’

Pogmore, who worked for South Yorkshire Police Air Support Unit at the time, also filmed a couple having sex on their patio for eight minutes.

The footage was later found in one of his draws at a police station.

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