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You May Not Believe But This Guy Once Asleep, Doesn't Breathe At All

A rare congenital disease causes 17-year-old Liam Derbyshire to stop breathing each time he's sleeping.

While according to doctors, his life expectancy was just six weeks as at the time of his birth, Liam seem to have been 'Lucky' as he will celebrate his 18th birthday soon.

Liam suffers from a condition known as central hypoventilation, or “Ondine’s Curse”, after a nymph from French folk stories. Ondine fell in love with a man called Palemon, and at their wedding, he vowed to love her with his every breath.

So when the nymph later discovered his infidelity, she cursed him: “You pledged faithfulness to me with your every waking breath and I accepted that pledge. So be it.

For as long as you are awake, you shall breathe. But should you ever fall into sleep, that breath will desert you.” Totally normal stuff for a folk tale, but a similar curse actually exists in real life.

This disease is a very rare condition. A rough roundup of about 1,500 people around the world is estimated to suffer from it, but Liam’s case seems to be the most exclusive.

Liam is connected to a life supporting system that feeds oxygen into his lungs thus has been bedridden all through his life; so sad. Even at that, he needs family around him to monitor his health incase there is an emergency.

His parents have spent a couple thousands of dollars on electricity bills in looking after him.

“We have been very fortunate with Liam that he has had the life that he’s got. We always wanted him to have as normal a life as we could give him.

He’s  exceeded all expectations,” Liam’s mother, Kim, said when he turned 11.

“He is so full of life, he’s fantastic. He’s constantly smiling and laughing. He’s very affectionate. He has all the normal traits of a lot of kids. Every day of his life is a bonus.”

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