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Father Quit Business to Build £26M Worth Theme Park for His Disabled Daughter Who Children did not Want To Play with

 A father who quit his business so he could build an accessible  theme park for his disabled daughter has explained why he did it.

Gordon Hartman sold his property development business in 2005 and then started building the attraction in San Antonio, Texas, in 2007.

He had been heartbroken after some  children refused to play with his daughter Morgan, who was 12 at the time, because she had autism and they didn’t now how to deal with it.

‘We wanted a theme park where everyone could do everything, where people with and without special needs could play,’ he told BBC.

After three years of hard work the first ever ultra-accessible theme park was ready to open in 2010.

It cost Mr Hartman and his Wife Maggie $34m (£26m) but it was all worth it just to see the reaction of disabled children who visited.

But it took Morgan, who has the mental age of a five-year-old, a while to get used to the fully-accessible playgrounds, carousel, miniature trains and Ferris wheel that were constructed on 25-acres.

Morgan turned 23 this year and continues to improve.

Her favourite attractions at the theme park are the sand zone and the swings.

Morgan’s Wonderland received an upgrade earlier this year, with a new water park (Morgan’s Inspiration Island) being added.

That has meant even more disabled people are able to enjoy themselves in a comfortable environment.

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