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Just Like These Companies, Etisalat Will Never Be Called 9mobile In Nigeria

Someone should go and tell Etisalat that no matter how they try no one will call them 9mobile, they can go and ask NEPA.

There are many other companies they can ask too.

Imagine going to 10 recharge card shops and telling the seller that he should give you "9mobile N200" recharge card only to hear "You say Etisalat how much?" would you continue calling it 9mobile?

Since the foundation of our dear country, Nigeria that has been struggling for change, some things cannot just change.

Below are some companies in Nigeria that can tell Etisalat how it works over here.

NEPA "Never Expect Power Always" (NEPA), "No Electrical Power at All; Please Light Candle" (NEPA plc), switched to "Please Hold a Candle Now" (PHCN) following the 2013 divestiture of the federal government from PHCN, the company was divided into separate companies or entities called Local Electric Distribution Companies or Local Distribution Companies (LDC). Each company will be responsible for handling electricity distribution in each state or region.

Since all these changes, no one has called them what they are, LDC is still NEPA.

OMO was first registered in the United Kingdom in 1908 and launched in Africa in 1953 (before many othere detergents) making it the oldest laundry powder brand in the country. The acronym OMO which is a household name stands for “Old Mother Owl”. But then came Ariel, Waw, So Klin, Sunlight, Elephant, Miss Bimbo, etc. All of them are "OMO" asked your neighbors, lol.

Peroxide bleach was introduced in the 1950s. The first to arrive in Nigeria was JIK, was it? Then came Hypo another one is what I don't have in mind but Hypo took his father's name. Almost unurprisingly, some market women think they’re still selling JIK o!

Indomie is a brand of instant noodle by Indofood Indomie. Indomie is produced in many countries, also it is has been produced in Nigeria since 1995 where it is a popular brand and has the largest instant noodle manufacturing plant in Africa. Indomie's offsprings; Tummy-Tummy, Dangote, Chikki, Mimee, Honeywell, Golden Penny, and Dangote took the name of their grandfather.

COWBELL MILK (Promasidor)
Founded in 1979 by Robert Rose, who left the United Kingdom in 1957 for Zimbabwe to pursue his African dream. Cowbell was the first milk powder distributed across the vast African continent, providing access to affordable milk to everyone in Africa. Today Cowbell is sold in the majority of countries across the African continent. Since heaven knows when, Nigerians refused to call Peak, Dano, Lahdah, Nestlé and Dangote their real names.

Gala sausage roll is the mother of all sausage rolls in Nigeria. Everyone took Gala's surname.

Maggi Cubes
What seems to be the bus stop of all seasonings. Maggi has been my mom's favorite seasoning since I was born and I guess it's your mom's too. But then surfaced Royco, Knorr, Onga and the rest of them. I'm not a kitchen guy, you know.

Sorry Etisalat, your baptism is null and void.

Which other companies did I miss out? Comment the names for us!

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