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DON’T Laugh! For Being Cheated in a Drug Deal, Dude Called The Police

Drug deal 101: When carrying out a drug deal, it’s probably best to keep the cops out of it.

But Lowa City man Daniel P. Noehl Sr, 57, thought otherwise. Noehl was arrested after he called police to report he had not been paid in an illegal drug deal, the Press-Citizen reported.

Noehl allegedly gave a friend three prescription pill bottles — about 230 pills total — with the agreement that he was to be paid $1.25 per pill.

After getting grifted, Noehl called police, and then called at least three more times to find out what was taking so long!

Noehl told police he didn’t know selling prescription medication was illegal, or else he would have sold them “a long time ago when I was on drugs,” according to criminal complaints.

The would-be drug dealer then admitted to police that he had smoked crack cocaine recently and asked police if they wanted to see his crack pipe.

Police say the man turned over a metal pipe with burnt residue on it.

KCRG reported that Noehl told police he intended to use the money from the illegal drug deal to buy cigarettes and groceries.

Noehl was arrested and faces charges of prohibited acts and possession of drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors.

Source: Huffington post

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