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Custom of Removing Bottom Teeth of Women, and a Clay Plate Inserted, 'the larger the lip plate the more cows for the girl's dowry'

As shared by Facebook page, Tropic Air Kenya;
Lip discs are an ancient tradition amongst the # Suri woman of the lower # Omo River Valley in southern # Ethiopia.  
Visiting them earlier this month on a helicopter safari, we learnt first hand about these incredible women, who at puberty have their bottom teeth removed, a small slit made in their lower lip and a clay plate inserted. 
The larger the lip plate the more cows the girl's father can demand in dowry when his daughter is married!
The # Karo people are defined by their intricate body painting. Using white chalk and clay, the elaborate designs are an expression of beauty to attract the opposite sex. 
Inflicting lacerations on their bodies to make intricate patterns of scars is also part of their unique traditions.

Source: johnkingsblog

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