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Can You Spot The Snake in This Photo? Clue: It's a Coastal Carpet Python

Not being able to find a massive python slithering in your backyard makes having it there at all worst.

Observe this picture closely (Zoom, if necessary), try to spot the snake hiding in less time than it would take it to make a meal of your chicken in your backyard.

Clue number 2: Pay close attention to areas where the snake will easily use as a hiding place.

The snake is not using it's spot as a camouflage as they are of two different colors but somehow they blend. So, don't let your brain skip over visual informations here.

Give up? The coastal carpet python can be seen in the vegetation growing over the right corner of the back fence.

Here’s a close-up shot if your brain is still having trouble seeing through the camouflage.

Were you able to find it initially?

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