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Boy Hangs Himself After Receiving a £600 Rail Fine, Fearing He was Going to be Imprisoned

19-Year-Old white boy face
An inquest has heard that Jamie Coulthard, a 19-year-old 'outgoing' man hanged himself at his home after receiving a £600 rail fine, fearing he was going to be sent to prison.

According to Daily Mail UK, Jamie Coulthard, 19, was fined for not paying for a ticket but became worried when the penalty rose when letters about it were missed because they were sent to the wrong address.

He was found dead at home in Chorley, Lancashire, by his mother Tracy Woodcock when she came home from work in March this year.

An inquest at Preston Coroners Court heard that the 'outgoing and full of life' teen had 'frustrations' with his life as he was unable to find a job.

The coroner was told on the day of his death he had been at home waiting to meet someone coming to buy a family car but when his mother came home she found him dead.

She told the inquest:

'He was funny and outgoing and I had a good relationship with him.  
'I think he was very frustrated that he was unable to find a job that he wanted to do. He was also quite upset about the fine that he had. The letters had gone to a different address and by the time we realised it had built up to £600. 
'He thought, he really thought that he was going to have to go to prison and he was upset by it. We did go to Preston once but they weren't very helpful and it got adjourned because the prosecution didn't turn up.

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