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I Asked Him If He Will Propose If I Buy The Ring And He Said Yes - Lady Needs A Relationship Advice

Her guy even went as far as asking her to return the 190k engagement ring which he had asked her to buy so that he'll propose.

Yes! It's actually suggesting child's play as the lady who shared this said at the end of this writeup.

Her words:

I have dated my boyfriend now for five years but he has not proposed. 
When he got a job, I reminded him about us but he said I should give him time that he has plans, he had plans, 6 months had gone and we are living together and splitting the house rent. I insisted on him taking the next step or I leave the relationship, but he pleaded with me to buy myself an engagement ring while he will refund me at the end of the month. 
I asked him if he will propose if I buy the ring and he said yes. I finally bought myself a ring and gave him which he did the drama and proposed and I accepted, but when I told him the price of the ring is (190k) he asked me to return it. 
I asked him if he was dis-engaging me and he said no I should get a cheaper ring so he re-engage me.
Please what do you all think? It is beginning to look like child's play.
What's your advice to her?

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