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Anambra Church Shooting; How Many Really Died? Webmasters Quit Publishing Garbage

We live in a technology inclined world, 21st century, where anyone can just signup for some sh!t and start posting cr*p.

I must say am disappointed in many bloggers. A shooting was carried out on St. Phillips Catholic Church in the early hours of today and all you see is websites and blogs altering the real number of the dead just to get cheap pageviews.

A Nairalander said 150! Others input any numbers their head tell them. Premiumtimes, Vanguardngr, Sunnewsonline were just posting rubbish.

Sunnewsonline published that it resulted in the death of over 20 worshippers, Wadafaq?!

These are sites we trust for informations. Bloggers, Vloggers, Social media users big ups to you for disappointing yourselves.

A big shout out to the real bloggers, who don't do it for the fame or money but for the passion. God will reward you even if you don't believe in Him.

R.I.P to the dead, sincerely speaking, the church is the last place one would think it would end but this world? It's a pack of impossibilities.

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