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2,900-Year-Old Man's Skeleton Found Still Gripping a Dagger and Knife

 A 2,900-year-old man has been found in Siberia, still clutching a dagger and a knife.

The warrior, who lived in the Bronze Age, was also found with a ‘mirror’ in one of his eyes – possibly to illuminate his path to the afterlife – along with a set of earrings.

He was discovered during renovations at a historic building in Omsk.
 Albert Polovodov, a specialist from the Omsk regional culture ministry, told the

Siberian Times:

‘In the right hand, he held a dagger, the blade pointing forwards or upwards, as if he was going to use it as a stabbing weapon
‘In his other hand was a knife, blade down, as he was going to cut, dissect, cut ligaments and so on. Clearly it is an imitation of combat use of these weapons.’ 
Polovodov added that he was ‘very carefully prepared for the road to another world, assuming that obstacles may exist in his way’.

A total of five burials were apparently found in the vicinity, but the other four had been destroyed.

The well-preserved warrior hailed from the transition period from the Bronze to the Iron Age, meaning he is between 2,700 and 2,900 years old.

From MetroUK

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