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12-Year-Old mom dumps Her Newborn Baby in the Bush

A 12-year-old mother dumped her newborn baby in the bush in China.

The baby girl was discovered naked next to a bridge in the Sichuan Province. She was immediately rushed to Nanxi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, according to a report by the Metro.

When police tracked the young mother down in a neighboring city, they discovered she lives with her grandparents. Her parents work in another city.

The girl's grandmother claims to have no knowledge of her even being pregnant. She told police on the day the baby was found, she took her granddaughter to the hospital as she was feeling unwell.

While they were making their way, the girl, who remains anonymous, wanted to use the bathroom. So she went behind the bushes of a bridge for 30 minutes.

Police believe it was at that time she gave birth to the child and abandoned her.

When the girl returned from the bushes, they proceeded to the hospital, according to the grandmother's statement.

The newborn's doctors believe she was born prematurely and was severely weak. Fortunately they did not spot "physical deformities or other birth defects", the Metro reported.

Currently the girl is refusing to speak to police or reveal who the father is. Individuals found having intercourse with a minor under 14 can be guilty of statutory rape in China.

Volunteer hospital workers are currently taking for of the child. Many have also donated baby items and money to the hospital.

Source : Deccanchronicle

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