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Woman, 65, Stole A Taxi, Picked Up Customers And Collected Fare

Mugshot of a 65-year-old woman
A Philadelphia woman, Betty Thomas has been accused of stealing a taxi and picking up paying customers before cops caught up with her.

Police say the suspect, aged 65, caught a cab around midnight Thursday and asked to be taken to a casino.

On their way to the casino, Betty asked to stop at a gas station, where she got into some sort of dispute with the driver, cops told

Cops say in the heat of the argument, Betty hopped into the driver's seat of the cab and took off.

She was later stopped by the police a half hour later when a young mother and her infant daughter were in the back seat.

"After stealing the cab, she actually drove several blocks and picked up a fare,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

The woman explained to police they were paying customers with no relationship to Betty.

"I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before," Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters while calling the allegations "bizarre."

Betty has been charged with theft-unlawful taking, theft of services, theft-receiving stolen property, terroristic threats and unauthorized use of an auto.

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