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Wife, 14, Kills Cousin Husband Who Refused To Bring Food For Money

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Niger State Police Command has arrested a 14-year-old wife from Lifari Village in the Mashegu LGA of Niger State for allegedly killing her 40-year-old husband, Isiaka Usman.

The suspect, Aisha Isah, whom the police spokesman, Bala Elkanaand said would be prosecuted as a juvenile offender had been married to the late Usman, five months ago were said to be cousins.

The teenage wife reportedly had been complaining of starvation and maltreatment since she started living with Usman, a breadwinner of two other women.

When asked why she carried out such an act, she said that her late husband failed to provide for her for two days.

“And when I confronted him, he slapped me and out of anger, I hit him on the forehead with a pestle and he collapsed and died,” she explained.

Isah added,

“My husband had the habit of not giving us money for food and each time we confront him, he would tell us to go to our parents’ home and eat. He never cared about us; he beat us every time we demanded money for food.” 
Asked if the other wife was at home at the time of the incident, she stated that the other wife went to the hospital with her baby.

“My mate was not around; it was only me and my late husband that were in the house at the time of the incident. I picked a pestle and hit him, he fell on the ground and I ran to my mother’s house at Kahigu Village in Mashegu council,” Isah said.

She pleaded for forgiveness adding that she killed her husband out of anger.

“I am sorry for what happened, it is the devil’s work and I pray my parents will forgive me; I never knew that he would die,I regretted all my actions,” she stated.

Bala Elkana, explained that the victim died at Mashegu Hospital where he was taken for treatment.

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