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Breaking News: What Happened To Lindaikejisblog?

Lindaikejisblog homepage
Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model's blog (Lindaikeji's blog) is
off air. Linda is best known for her blog and she is probably the highest paid blogger in Nigeria.

It is not yet clear to me and other lindaikejis blog loving Nigerians why the blog is off air as at 5:30PM today, Friday, 14th of July, maybe later.

I was bored and tried visiting her blog as usual to read some interesting stories of hers but what I got was a '302 error'.

Whenever I entered the link to her website, it kept on redirecting to which always resulted in a '302' error.

I then decided to put a suffix of '?m=1' which is normal for automatic redirection to the mobile view of her blog but NO WAY!

Then as a computer guru, I tried using the '?m=0' suffix so that I'll redirect to the desktop version of her blog but nothing happened only the '302' error.

Ok, I now tried to visit her blog using the google search engine. The English google spoke is what I cannot write here at this very moment.

It is really odd for her blog to be offline after it was once banned by google sometime in the past.

You can go and see for yourself. We hope to see the blog back online soon.


  1. She was actually uploading a new template for her blog. it's online now.

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