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These Two Sisters Who Gave Birth On The Same Day Did Not Plan It!

Two ladies carrying a new born baby
Jessica Lampert and her sister Kristin Cronin aged 30 and 34 respectively who put to bed told that they did not plan on getting pregnant together.

“We knew we wanted our second children soon, but we weren't planning on getting pregnant together. I found out two weeks before my sister that I was pregnant,” Lampert said.

They thought their children would be delivered in the space of two weeks until they were dated due on July 19 by two different doctors.

“We were laughing. It was just like we couldn’t believe it. It was not planned,” Lampert said.

The sisters said it was fun being able to enjoy their pregnancies together having had three-year-old children each who are six months apart.

“It was nice. Once we got further along, we scheduled our appointments and would go to dinner together,” Lampert said.

In another twist of fate, the sisters found out their sister-in-law, who lives in Syracuse, was also pregnant with the same due date. All three ladies gave birth the same day.

Lampert and Kronin, however, gave birth by C-section by the same  doctor.

Lampert gave birth to her second girl, Blake Lampert, while Kronin gave birth to her second boy, Justin Kronin.

“Our first two are like brother and sister so they [the new babies] will definitely be super close. We see each other a lot.”

The sisters plan to have a joint first birthday party for the babies.

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