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Supreme Court: 'Nothing Like Self Defense, 14 Years In Jail -Don’t Kill Robbers That Enter Your House, Even If You Have The Chance'

Black man in jail with hand out
Following the development of a vigilante man, Maxwell Essi who is presently doing an unspecified time in a Nigeria jail, Okere in Warri for professedly stabbing to death an armed robbery suspect in his own house in Warri. 

The individuals from the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CHDR) went to the Nigerian Prisons in Warri and came to find that Maxwell Essi just came back from Idesoh Lane in Essi Layout where he functions as a vigilante.

That very night when the presumed thief and his gang raged his home at Essi Layout, charged him to lie with his face on the ground and seized him of his cell phone and started to scan for different things. Little did the suspect know that Maxwell had a knife.

Maxwell ascertained and intelligently overpowered the armed criminal and stabbed him savagely to death.

Since the occurrence happened four months prior in Warri, Maxwell has stayed in authority.

The families of the expired suspect immediately hurried to the police headquarters and denied that their child was a criminal, and pressed for the arrest and detainment of the executioner vigilante.

Yet, responding to the improvement, the Delta State Chairman of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, CDHR, Comrade Prince Kehinde Taiga expressed that, "dead bodies don't pass judgment on case furthermore, Maxwell can just get freedom if the Government pardons him. That can just happen if the family of the deceased concludes that they don't need the case any more, there after, CDHR can come in."

Maxwell's freedom is still staggering since he may have to do 14 Years In Jail since it is against the Nigerian constitution to kill robbers that enter your house even if you have the chance.

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