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Video: Superstitious Bihar Town Trusts Toilets Bring Misfortune, Death... But Then Comes A Brave Leader

Ghazipur town in Bihar has a peculiar issue. It doesn't have a toilet of any of the homes of any 2000 inhabitants. Furthermore, the reason is superstition.

The superstition began to grow  in 1994 when Siddheshwar Singh, a prosperous rancher of the villager, lost his child to a puzzling illness while he was constructing a water cistern at home. 

It got additionally instilled following the demise of another villager's child in 1996 while a water cistern was being constructed at their home. 

From that point forward, villagers have been hesitant to build toilets, regardless of the administration's Swachh Bharat battle against open crap with the target of advancing cleanliness and enhancing cleanliness. (HT)

But now, the current leader of the village said that all the villagers have come to an agreement that once the government constructs a large number of toilets for them, all of them will go in together and if anything happens to them, they will all be in it together. 

Watch Video below:

Source: Hindustantimes

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