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Check Out This Russian Blonde Model, Diara Who's Hair Is 6Ft Long

A blonde with a 6ft long hair
Russian beauty Daria Gubanova's amazing head of thick golden hair now comes down almost to her ankles. 'Real-life Rapunzel'. Lol.

She stopped cutting her hair for a bet after a friend bet her that she could not grow her hair long enough to braid it.

The 27-year-old, lives in the city of Barnaul in south-central Russia's Altai Krai region.

Diara said she wouldn't cut nor trim her impressive mane until it reaches her toes. Gubanova began growing her hair 14 years ago.

Now, she is hailed as a modern day Rapunzel thanks to her incredible look.

Daria's hair has gained her massive followers on social media alongside an army of masculine admirers plus ladies who wish to tryout what she did.

Social media commentator '_mom_alena' said:

"I admire the length of your hair. I am trying to grow mine, but at least another five years to go."

And one identified as 'lm0357' added: 

"Like a goddess..."

One woman wrote:

"You remind me of a Barbie doll. I love everything about you. Keep it up."

Another added:

"My friend showed me your videos on Facebook and I just wanted to tell you I am fascinated by your hair. It's so beautiful."

Rapunzel is a character in a Brothers Grimm fairy tale who is confined to a very high tower. She lets down her long golden hair so that a prince she loves can climb up to her.


Photos below : 

A Russian blonde with a 6ft long hair

A Russian blonde with a 6ft long hair

A Russian blonde with a 6ft long hair

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