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Pandemonium As Sheep Delivers Human In Ashanti

Human-like sheep
The South district residents of the Ashanti Region have been in a state of chaos after a sheep delivered a human-like lamb.

A 'special ritual' to be performed by the traditional authority in order to cleanse the land of possible curse has begun.

Nana Druye Adarkwa, the Chief of the farming community, ordered the creature be brought to his palace not long after the creature was delivered.

The elders of the village and the entire community feared that the presence of the creature could bring misfortune to the entire community.

Nana Druye Adarkwa the second told Nhyira FM that the creature cannot be taken for an ordinary sheep.

According to him, “the lamb has eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nose which look like a human being.

“The rituals will mitigate any bad omen that may befall him and his people.”

The ritual since has been pending since Nana Druye said that the owner of the sheep has to be around before the ritual can commence.

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