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Man Calls A 6.8Kg Of Frozen Meat That Fell On His Roof From The Sky Manna

6.8Kg of frozen pork meat on the ground
Oh! Yes, I know what you're thinking. It only happened in the book of Exodus in the Bible. Well, yes but it happened again but this time took the form of a frozen meat, lol.

Although meat falling from the sky is may sound weird, it happened by 4a.m when a 6.8Kg bag of frozen pork landed on the Deerfield Beach home of a man identified as Travis Adair and his family in Florida, USA at 4 a.m Saturday.

While speaking to a correspondent, Adair said that the package hit his roof with a "big bang" , adding that he thought it was thunder, but his wife Jennie later went outside and found two bundles next to the house. His son Austin found three on the roof.

He said; "It had to fall from the sky. It was too heavy to throw on the roof."

Adair's home is near three airports, so he thinks it fell from a plane.

Printings on the packages labeling shows it belonged to Jim Williams, who lives 270 kilometers away in Myakka City, a rural town of 6,300 residents.

Williams, who owns a company that prepares fields for planting, said he bought some pigs from some children at a county fair in January. He kept much of the meat and gave some away but he has no idea how any of it ended up on the Adairs' roof.

He is not a pilot and doesn't own a plane. "I would have thought 6.8 Kg of frozen meat falling from an airplane would have put a hole in the roof," Williams said.

His friend, Jimmy Fussell, who owns the butcher shop that processed the pigs for Williams, said the mystery, which was featured on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," certainly "beats hearing about all the politics going on."

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