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Lionel Messi Wedding As It Happened, Guest List And Why C.Ronaldo Turned Down Messi’s Invitation

Lionel Messi wedding pictures. Lionel messi and wife Antonela
It was not just a common service for Messi who just turned 30 and his 29 year-old childhood sugarpie Antonela Roccuzzo.

The wedding was held at a lavish hotel in the city of Rosario.

Football stars and big names were among the 260 visitors, with many police sent for the occasion. For a safe 'centurion wedding'.

Messi, the Argentina and Barcelona forward at 13 years old only met Roccuzzo before he moved to Spain.

Among the visitors at Friday's wedding were Messi's Barcelona partners Luis Suárez, Neymar, Gerard Piqué and his significant other, Colombia's pop star Shakira. Various visitors flew into Rosario on private planes.

Argentina's Clarín daily paper has differently called the wedding "the wedding of the year" and "the wedding of the century".

Prior to the wedding, swarms assembled at the neighborhood air terminal to attempt to detect some of the renowned visitors.

A private security firm was working inside the hotel to keep out potential intruders.

Around 150 columnists got accreditation to enter an uncommon squeeze territory, however were not given full access to the scene, coordinators said.

Where Messi And Antonela Met 

Messi met Roccuzzo when he was only five years of age. She is the cousin of his closest friend, Lucas Scaglia, who additionally turned into a proficient football player.

Messi acknowledged an offer to play for Barcelona when he was 13, on condition that they pay for treatment for his development hormone inadequacy.

He has talked about the troubles he faced on deserting his friends and family and previous club at his tender age.

The couple have two children both boys together and now live in Barcelona, Spain.

In May, his allure against a 21-month imprison term for tax avoidance in Spain was rejected. He is probably not going to go to jail as the sentence can be served under probation or potentially kept away from by paying a fine.

About The Huge Day 

The occasion was held at Rosario's City Center lodging complex, which has an adjoining clubhouse.

Antonela, 29, was broadly anticipated that would wear a dress by Rosa Clara, a Barcelona-based fashion designer who has dressed performer Eva Longoria and Spain's Queen Letizia.

Beside a "sushi station", the menu was an exceptionally Argentine issue, counting empanadas (conventional pasties) and all parts of the cow, from a meal of sweetbreads to blood hotdog.

Check Out The Guest List

Messi welcomed the Barcelona squad, Luis Suárez, Neymar, Gerard Piqué, who touched base in Rosario in a private stream with his spouse, Colombian pop-star Shakira. Rumors have it that Cristiano Ronaldo turned down Messi's wedding invitation because the Real Madrid striker recently welcomed a set of twins and has got to spend some fatherly time with them.

Argentina national team players, including Sergio Agüero, were likewise present.

Clarín revealed that Messi did not welcome any of his current mentors, even Pep Guardiola, who is presently at Manchester City.

Argentina's other huge football legend, Diego Maradona, was moreover excluded from the rundown, as published by the local press.

Where is Rosario? 

The port city of Rosario sits on the banks of the Paraná, about 300km north-west of Buenos Aires in the centre of the nation.

Another well known Argentine to have spent his initial years here is Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

Messi is referred to locally basically as Lío.

He has been a local whizkid since his days as a star player for Newell's Old Boys.

The group has a staunch competition with close-by Rosario Central, like that of Boca Juniors and River Plate in Buenos Aires.

Since moving to Spain, Messi has won a set the record of the first footballer ever to win five FIFA  Ballon d'Or grants.



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