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"I Was Expecting A Plate Of Hot Diced Beef Instead I Saw A Ring", Lady Who Said 'Yes' To A Guy She Met Via Facebook Narrates [Photos]

Susan Israel's engagement
A lady, Susan Israel, took to facebook to express how overjoyed she was when she went out with her facebook friend but instead of serving her 'a plate of hot diced beef', she was served a ring.
According to the lady, she said that it all started with a 'Hey'.

She went further to leave those girls still forming on facebook with a piece of advice.

Susan narrating:

It all started with "HEY" on facebook 2years ago and now we are Husband and wife.

I remember seeing the message that day and ignored because I was in no mood to chat(I’m never in a chatty mood). 12 days after I found myself replying his message… I still can't explain why... He replied almost immediately but the usual me after saying “HI” I went offline for days.

Susan Israel's engagement ring and the facebook message

Days later I saw a message “I KNOW YOUR SIS” the next that came to mind was “SEE THIS ONE FAMZING” like we call it… Lol.

Days passed as usual and he would have sent a message and no response from me but then he had me at “I HOPE I WON'T WAIT ANOTHER 5 DAYS TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN” so this man has been waiting on me to reply (ladies and our shakara sha) and then I replied and this time I wasn’t going offline for days anymore although I still wasn’t even paying attention considering we were over 6,000 miles apart until we CLICKED!

Susan Israel's showcasing her engagement ring

We kept in touch and fell in love along the way.

We met for the first time last year (Mr. man came all the way to see little me… men can love sha). It can’t all be sweet like that..oohh.

We had our fights I mean crazy serious fights but it didn’t change anything and upon our second meeting this year I said YESSSSS! to my best friend, the only person that knows me more than anyone else (the proposal is another funny long story but to cut it short I was expecting a plate of hot diced beef instead I saw a RING).

Susan Israel and her facebook husband

My introduction is in 2days, yep! that fast (GOD HAS HIS WAYS).

People say online dating is risky and all but trust me just as you are having doubts since you met him online is also the same way he is having doubts.

You may never know your future husband might be in your inbox. Reply to those unread and ignored messages ladies

Congratulations to this Couple.

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